SPA 014: Why You don’t need discipline to win

“The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.” – Vince Lombardi

Hi this is Marilyn Wo, founder of the StarPlayer Academy. I help serious athletes master extraordinary mindfulness and perform their best to reach their maximum potential so that they can go out there 100% prepared, reach their goals and go beyond from being just good to great in any sport competition.

In my time as a National Canoe Polo player, I was fascinated and curious to how the Japanese ladies team can always win and win consistently, besides the fact that they have been competing in many years of competition with the same players over and over again. Many people say because they are Japanese, they have that so-called “Samurai spirit” in them. Others think they are patriotic to their country. Many also think it’s due to their culture that instilled discipline in how they work. After being involved in this sport for 10 years, interviewing many of these Japanese players as well as other athletes, I’ve managed to conclude how they think that led them to achieve their goals. It’s not that they have discipline or not, and it’s nothing to do with the “Samurai Spirit”

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • the myth of this thing called discipline
  • the new world of how to win without discipline
  • what exactly is discipline?
  • a simple way to overcome procrastination

In summary:
Have you ever had this problem of overcoming procrastination throughout your day when you were supposed to get off your bed or your seat to go training when you wished it can start to rain immediately so you have an excuse not to go.

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