SPA 025: Turn Criticisms into Positive Outcome

“Criticism is something you can easily avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” – Aristotle

Today, I would like to share something slightly different based on an experience I had before and that many athletes I knew went through as well, they weren’t able to overcome the problem and quit their sport altogether. It’s a real pity, because it’s not that they did not have any relentless spirit or perseverance, but they did not have the proper guidance to carry on with their journey.

A lot of these athletes had to tolerate criticisms not only by coaches, but also from teammates and family members. Sports became such a harsh activity, they started to hate their sport, much less have fun at it. You may have such an experience and probably tried multiple ways to overcome them but when it took too long for you to see results, you get tired and can’t wait to move on. But situations like these make you more frustrated it’s small wonder many athletes get overly stressed and anxious of what they should do next, because these criticisms simply make things more complicated than they should. Without proper guidance, these athletes grow fearful of what people might say and perform poorer than expected, and they get criticised again and it becomes this vicious cycle they cannot break out of.

Maybe you are like some of these athletes. I can relate to how you feel. Just like you, it has been an endeavour of mine to always perform to my best be it during training or in competitions.

Ten years ago, it was easy for me to idolise some of my favourite players in my own country as well as those from all over the world.

It was not like I was yearning to be famous like them, but I used to think that with all my hard work and dedication put in to contribute to my team, club and country, at least I deserved some recognition and acknowledgement from someone to lift my self-esteem, to tell me I’m reliable, to know that if I were not there, the team couldn’t thrive.

It’s synonymous to say that I hoped to be famous not for the prestige or glamour, but to be accepted as the best choice to represent the team.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • sustainable solution to overcome unwanted criticisms
  • where self-limiting beliefs may come from
  • what you are fearful in fact may not be the outcome of the game

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