SPA 044: Top 40 Excuses Athletes Have About Visiting a Sports Psychologist

“Sometimes your disappointments make you a stronger person for the future” – Blanka Vlasic

I hope you were not overwhelmed by yesterday’s long list of fears athletes have about seeing a sports psychologist, because today, I will be laying down another 40 reasons athletes are still not convinced to engage a sports psychologist to be part of their team.

Some of the reasons and comments I will share with you today include:

  1. Going To A Shrink Shows You Can’t Handle Your Own Problems, That You Are Weak.
  2. I Tried Counseling Before And It Didn’t Work, So Why Should Sports Psychology Work?
  3. Is Sports Psychology Compatible With The Medications I Take?
  4. I Have Some Secrets I Don’t Want Anyone To Know About. Is There A Chance The Sports Psychologist Would Try To Get Them Out Of Me?
  5. I Might Begin Talking About Some Very Emotional Issues, Possibly Lose Emotional Control And Even Begin To Cry, And That Would Be Embarrassing.
  6. They May Make Me Take Some Psychological Test.
  7. Will They Tape Record The Sessions? I Want Privacy.
  8. Who Else Will Be There?
  9. Will The Sports Psychologist Contact Anyone Else I Know And Ask Them Questions About Me?
  10. Will The Therapist Try To Drag My Other Family Members Into Sessions?
  11. My Friend Had A Bad Experience With A Sports Psychologist Once And I Don’t Want That To Happen To Me.
  12. I Hear That Sports Psychologists Just Give You A Pep Talk And Tell You To Think Positive.
  13. I Don’t Want Anyone Tinkering With My Physical Technique To Improve My Mental Game.
  14. Sports Psychology Sounds Negative Because All You Do Is Talk About Problems.
  15. No One Could Possibly Help Me With The Problems I Have.

and many many more…!

I want to be honest with you that part of this particular content has been republished from William B. Cole’s article. He has already done the hard work to come up with this. Thank you William. I think most of what he did is valuable for you to understand first before we dive even deeper to the mindful strategies I will be sharing more in future episodes.

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