SPA 006: The Secret Road Map to an Athlete’s Success

“A genius without a roadmap will get lost in any country but an average person with a roadmap will find their way to any destination” – Brian Tracy
It’s fine to go on the road less travelled but you may want to avoid roads that have never been travelled. In your case the successful athletes have been through a journey and already carved out the path on the map. It’s not wrong of you to tread the same path and smoothen it along the way for aspiring athletes who choose to follow the same path as you did. If you have heard of the phrase “standing on the shoulders of giants”, that’s what this roadmap and book I’ve come up with aims to achieve for you. 
While I experienced the athlete’s rollercoaster ride with my teammates for the past ten years, it was very very fulfilling, yet, there were many experiences that can be made sweeter with proper guidance and systems to follow. There were times when we were left to figure strategies and methods all by ourselves, there were times when we were fortunate to have world-class coaches and players help identify what we needed to move along quicker. The cheat sheet and the upcoming book is a compilation of all that you need as you spend your time making your way to become a better athlete.

In summary:

In today’s show, you will discover what you will expect from this book. Bear in mind that I’m revealing the ugly early draft to you. I’m still doing some work on it to make it as purposeful as possible just for you as of writing. So hang in there and enjoy the show!

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