SPA 020: 27 The One Thing All Athletes Need to be Coachable

“Coachable is to be Someone who is committed to his or her own development; who is hungry for feedback from others and open to anything that may improve his or her self.” – Mike Kennedy, Coaching Expert

Do you tend to have this feeling that your coach is always picking on your weaknesses? Does it occur to you if you should figure out how to be coached or your coach should figure out how to make you better than you already are?

Does that sometimes lead you to think that you are just not good enough or not cut out for the team?

And to make things worse, you are not the best in anything among your teammates and maybe you are too small or too big or just not seemingly perfect for any position within your team. Then you get hard on yourself for being this way, you wished you were someone else, you wished you could be better, and most of the time you start wishing for anything that you have no control over.

I can relate to that. There are so many athletes I see believe that they can achieve their goals but when the someone starts to compare them with other athletes and happened to rank them lower than many other athletes, they get caught up in this complicated mental struggle within themselves.

They know they can do better, but after spending all their energy fighting that struggle within themselves, the easier way out is to just say “I suck at this”, that’s when they prove to themselves and people around them that they are right.

These are the athletes who hate to run through the videos of themselves in the games, especially when they happen to perform poorly for those games.

It’s not that they refuse to listen to advise, it’s just that they haven’t yet resolve the struggle within themselves and without clearing that up, any advise against them makes it easy for them to agree more and have a stronger believe that they are not good enough for the task or the team.

In order to get out of this mess, there’s only one thing every athlete needs, which we will address in today’s show.

If you are a coach or intending to be one, I hope today’s show serves a purpose for you to use it as a guiding philosophy or a mantra to model after.

If you are an athlete looking for a coach, this could be something you can use to do a self-check and understand how a coach can help you and how you can improve towards a greater version of yourself by working with a coach.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • the one thing any athlete needs to have to be scouted by coaches
  • 3 learnable characteristics to be coachable
  • actionable steps you can take to be coachable and drafted to the best clubs and teams

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