SPA076: Revisit Your Purpose, Jump at the Right Moment & Create Life Changing Experiences

Live life with a passion, because without passion life is nothing. Listen to your heart, because you can change the world if you listen with your heart. And when you do, then you can start reshaping the World. The past is the missed opportunity, the present gives us the opportunity to plant the seeds, the future gives us the opportunity to cultivate love, respect, and kindness. Let us strive to spread happiness because happiness is in our heart, not circumstances! – Imran Warsi

Hi Starplayers, once again a good Wednesday to you and you are listening to Midweek Minute on StarPlayer Academy, an episode a week where I run through a minute or two of quick mindful messages to keep you focussed on where you want to go in your sport and life. You are listening to episode 76 and I’m Marilyn Wo.

I hope you are enjoying these short episodes so far to get you through the middle of every week before you hit the weekends. If you are working in an office, most of your week days may be spent getting seated with your eyes stuck to the screen for hours, it’s good to clear your mind a bit by getting some fresh air even for just a few minutes, or listening to my show every now and then to get you through the hectic days before you get to your training ground possibly after work or on the long awaited weekends.

If you are a coach or athlete be it full time or part time, give yourself a pat on the back and take some time off from your sport to take a breather, really. I know how tough it can be as someone in this competitive environment.

Especially if you are a coach or someone who wants to lead your team (whether you are a captain or not), when there’s so much you want to give but how your team interprets your teachings or messages can differ quite a bit. It’s not your fault and neither are they to be blamed.

You guys may just need to step back a bit from the usual space to refocus and reshape how you have been communicating with one another and always always revisit your purpose every moment you are at training. You don’t need days to do this, just a couple of minutes every training or in between games to have some peace and quiet moments to your individual selves.

I used to coach a few teams and really loved what I was doing such that I thought I could do that forever. But thing is, for me, if I’m unable to transform those athletes I’m responsible for, it’s just not going to work for me.

What I’m saying is, my guiding principle as a coach was always to make an impact on the lives of those athletes. It’s not about achieving goals or winning medals, although yes those are important, but my priority was on how I make them see the possibility of each of them being able to move mountains.

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