SPA 039: Own Your Thoughts with SuperStar Qualities

“A winner is someone who recognizes his God- given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.” Larry Bird

Today and for the next few episodes, I will be speaking of the obvious.

What do I mean by that?

You see, there a number of athletes coming to me with questions that they conjure up in their own world of complexity that they just cannot think straight.

So what’s the problem with them?
Well, they have been afraid of so many things that should have been let go without lifting a finger. What is hindering them is not their lack of talent, potential or even effort put into work. What is stopping them is that huge pile of mess in their minds. It could be influence by friends, it could be something that they have been exposed to, it doesn’t matter, because ultimately, they have to take charge of their own thinking to get past the garbage and perform what they are truly capable of.

So why is it so tough for them?
Because they are not only afraid of what they are afraid of, they are also afraid to make decisions, to make up their own mind on approaching the unknown.

I’m not sure if you are like them.
What are you afraid of?

If you are afraid of the unknown, then set up your own plan so that your future can be at least clearer than without one.

Are you afraid of losing a match?

Negative remarks of your performance?
Fear of letting people down?
Fear of not performing up to standard? Based on what? Your expectations maybe?
Fear of not being accepted into the group?
Fear of pain coming from your injuries?
Are there too many rivals better than you out there?
What other excuse have you got for yourself?

Are you getting criticised everyday while your teammates didn’t receive any?

If your teammates did not receive any criticism, it doesn’t mean they are better or worse, they are just different. It applies to you as well. If you want to compare, rate and review the performances, ask yourself why you got criticised, but do not judge. Do not judge others and do not judge yourself. The best you can do is to observe and learn. Observe yourself and observe others. Learn by discretion. I hope you’ve learned to be more discerning throughout the 38 episodes I’ve shared so far. If not, there’s more to come. Do email me if you have more questions I’ve not covered.

Back to those fears. You know all these fears are good for you if you decide to own your own thoughts and make strategic plans to work on them.

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