Maximize Your Potential to Win a Gold Medal


he very first step to accomplishing this in the shortest time possible is to ASK. Who do you ask and what do you ask? Answer is truly, yourself. Ask the right questions and you are well on your way to achieving your goals, be it a gold medal, improve your strength or representing your country by competing in the sport you love.

Asking the right questions is the answer itself – Peter Voogd

Asking questions can be tough enough, now you need to ask the right ones. But how?

Find out what the right questions here.

Although anyone may need to take one’s time to answer these questions, I urge that you don’t take too long. The best way to do this is to take just 10 minutes everyday and review it every 5 days. You have to make it a daily affair in order to redefine your passion, goals and the right actions will follow. Also, with so much noise nowadays with the likes of social media and social pressure, it’s tough to keep track and stay on track to reach your goals.


When it comes to overcoming your weaknesses to win a gold medal, all the more you need to be laser focus on your actions every hour, everyday.

What has this got to do with shifting your mindset?

Sounds like rocket science? Read on and you will find that it’s more of common sense. Important thing here is execution.

What you think leads to the action you take which leads to the result whether you like it or not.
First, set a day and time when nobody can distract you, not even your mum, dog, baby, or even your nature’s call. Seriously, if you can’t even find this day, you can never find your way to your gold medal goal.

Be mindful of what people teach you when you were young. Have you heard of things like these?
“There’s no need to win”
“We have nothing to lose”
“Play our game and that’s good enough”

These are words of excuse and you have to tell yourself and declare otherwise!

You must be totally open to receiving mental training and mindset shifts in the first place. This is not easy and not everyone accepts this because it’s an effort on its own, a lot of energy has to be channeled to answer questions closest to you.

Why is it so hard for you to be opened to visualize at your own private time?

Simply because there’s no visible evidence, it’s all played in the minds of athletes, their stellar performances do not prove that they successfully went through any visualization. Nobody can see what they are thinking.

I’m now revealing to you this big secret that they think, and they think hard and deep to help them win.

We are somehow uncomfortable getting too personal and private with our own thoughts. It sounds strange but true, how many times do you see yourself subconsciously advising or coaching your junior players or criticizing your teammates more than yourself?

We react instinctively to what we see on the surface and start teaching someone else even if he or she did not ask for help. But when someone does the same to us, we do not feel as comfortable. We may accept it begrudgingly but not 100% comfortable. That’s exactly how the human mind works.

You must understand how human nature works first, relate to it and start your mental training.

That said, successful athletes are successful because they mastered this skill of self realization and reflection. Next, they are able to translate this into action and perform.

So first make sure you are fully open to this then you move on to the next step.

Next, you need to find out your core reasons to why you are passionate about your sport. In order to perform, you need to be committed be it with time, effort or even money. But you will never be fully committed if you are not fully passionate and willing to set your heart to act towards your goals. How do you expect to maximize your potential and win the gold medal?

Again, here mindset shift will help you achieve this.

Let’s do an exercise to get you started:

Think about what you do everyday, list down 10 things you did and ask yourself do these items help you achieve your goal towards getting a gold medal? If it is, how can you make it better? If not strike it off your list and do something that helps you reach your goal of a gold medal sooner.

Seriously, winning matters. If you choose to be involved in a competitive sport, the gold medal should be your goal, no questions asked. Just follow your values and go step by step to inch closer to your goal.

This leads on to the next exercise:

List your values, mission statement and remind yourself of them every other day, actions will follow through towards your desired results.

Your Turn

What have you been doing to get in the zone and reach for the stars? What do you do when you are under pressure to overcome your weakness, your opponents and own the game? Discuss with us below.

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