FC78: Inch by Inch Feat. Megan Rapinoe, Carli Lloyd of US Women’s National Soccer Team

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“It’s about standing and being counted and saying you’re proud of who you are.” – Megan Rapinoe

Today is the start of our all new edition, or should I say version of StarPlayer Academy show. As mentioned in yesterday’s episode, episode 77, Thursdays and Fridays I will feature stories that you can learn from and apply what you’ve learned to your sport. You will get success stories, failed attempts and even fiction anecdotes, anything that I can pull something you can learn from to fuel your success.

When it comes to the term “successful”, I want you to know that it doesn’t mean a successful athlete is one who must have won a medal. If you are successful, it must be within your own terms, not based on somebody else’s goals and dreams and desires.

Success for you could be to turn pro or to just enjoy the sport by performing up to the standard you know you can be best at, or even just to eventually inspire the athlete next to you. I know some of you are not even thinking so much about results but to just improve in your abilities so that you can contribute as much as you can to your team. Whatever it is, you achieve greatness based on success in your own terms and nobody can stop you.

I’m always emphasising on this because it’s not easy for anyone of us athletes to take success as how fulfilled we are on the inside rather than winning. I am also saying this for myself because many many years back, I literally took winning as the only thing and everything.

It isn’t complicated on the outside, you know, as sports people we just have to work on it and we have a chance to win. But the problem lies with the inside, and the struggles within my inner self which in turn led to my actions and ultimately the results. If I know I’m struggling and don’t do something about that, it will be reflected in my actions and results.

So, I’ve made mistakes, did years of self-reflection, changed my mindset, overcome my inner game first and produced the best results I could ever achieve. Since you are already listening to this show, you are on the road to saving time and effort on trial and error and saving money on getting the appropriate resources towards getting better at scoring goals, hitting more home runs, or just to perform as well as you practice.

I know you want to take the shortest time possible to figure things out and make the least error ever possible. Hope I’m here at the right time to help you out so that if you put in the work, you are putting work based on maximising your potential. No effort or time wasted.

That said, let’s now dive into today’s feature. I’m still wondering what name should I term the episodes on Thursdays and Fridays. Maybe we can call them Feature Class. Does that sound weird to you? How about Feature Stories? Okay, let’s stick with FC that stands for feature class. So every Thursdays and Fridays, you will expect to attend my class on a featured story.

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