SPA075: How To Turn Past Failures into Success in 7 Ways

Only one guy can be world champion, and so if everyone else thought they were failures you’d have no one left on the grid. – Mark Webber

Today, I would like to share with you how you can become even more successful then you think after all that failures you’ve experienced. Well, I guess it also depends on what you perceive as failure in the first place. Even your perception of failure can change as you get on with your life as an athlete.

Should we even use this word failure to start with?

What do you think?

Let’s just take a moment to figure out if there is indeed such a thing as failure in the first place. Do you think it exists? Or is it just like fear, this illusion in mind that creates a downward spiral emotion in your body?

According to Oxford Dictionary, the word “failure” means “lack of success”.

If we base our own personal experiences as an athlete in our lives, what would this mean for us?

What exactly is a “lack of success”? It could be that you set yourself to achieve a goal by a given timing and you didn’t manage to accomplish it by then. That may mean failure to you. Or it could be a realisation that even having accomplished those goals, you don’t seem to feel any sense of fulfilment at all.

Like for you when it comes to winning games, do you yearn for that great feeling for winning a game as much as the enjoyment and fulfilment you get during the day to day boring and mundane repetitive training sessions? Have you ever thought of the worst and possible outcomes such as what happens if you won the next game and what happens if you lost all the games?

The reason I asked those questions is because, everyone of you has your highs and lows in your sporting career or life, and the truth about that is, they don’t last, they don’t just stay where they are. With every success comes the desire of wanting more. Everyone wants to repeat something that makes them feel good. When things don’t last, we go through it all over again to make sure we get what we wanted or get something out of it, or even better than before.

Doing all you can to attain this feeling of greatness is important, because in order to be considered successful, you must feel happy and fulfilled with what’s done, if not, you are back on the road again. And it’s okay to be back on the road, it’s part of what you’ve signed up for. The most important lesson of all is to know where your boundaries are and figure out the ways to get back onto the road again when you fell out.

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