SPA 011: Control Your Habits and Transform Your Performance

“Training routine is like a baby, you have to take care of it every single day for it to grow and thrive” – Nick Symmonds

Successful athletes no doubt have habits set in place everyday of their lives, not just habits, but challenging habits that you consciously make an effort to prepare yourself and take great care of your body to be sure-fire ready on your competition day.

Most importantly, you need to be in control of your habits

Why should you be in control of your habits and how?

  • it could be because you want to master a skill
  • or you want to be a better athlete
  • or you want to make an impact on games day

I will come to the HOW later in this show, for now what you need to understand is, if you can control your habits, you can control your destiny, and ultimately transform your performance if not they will control you

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • you only need 2 ways to take control of your habits
  • the NEW way versus the OLD way of looking at habits

In summary:

Take control of your outcome by first taking control of what you do everyday.

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