PTOMS125: Confidence and Belief in Yourself Comes from Repetition, Habit and Deliberate Practice Done on Purpose

You don’t just believe you can win a game just like that. Faith and self-confidence don’t come easy with a snap of your fingers.

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This is going to be at least a two week long special chock-full of motivational speeches to load up in your podcast playlist. You can let it run as you get on with your work out and boy, you will be stoked like never before! Check it out now.
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Hi, I’m Marilyn Wo and this is StarPlayer Academy episode 125.

Hang In There, Nothing Beats Your True Joy of Being Where You Are Now

Confidence and Belief in Yourself Comes from Repetition, Habit and Deliberate Practice Done on Purpose

You may be frustrated when things don’t go your way even with all the work and training. You might be wondering if anyone has ever recognised your efforts at all.

You spend hours at the gym and at the field, feeling like crap weight after weight, sprint after sprint. Have you stopped to ask yourself what’s all that for?

Not only nobody gives a damn about what you are doing, you also don’t see yourself improving.

Now at this point you might be wondering what’s the point in putting so much effort and time into this. Many people at this stage just quit altogether because they don’t see the progression, they only see pain and stagnation.

Most never quit but just linger around putting in just enough of what they can offer to stay on because they aren’t sure where else to go.

Not you, you understand how it works. Everything we do in life works the same way. There’s always too much of something that makes us feel it’s always greener on the other side.

Yes, that may be right, but not for long. The green pastures will turn brown and by time they will grow to be green again, that is if you give them the right conditions.

I know you want to win, everybody want’s to win, who doesn’t?

But, no matter where you go, there will always be that pain, that stagnation or that frustration at some point.

However, nothing beats your true joy of being where you are now.

Ask yourself, where would you prefer to invest your efforts and time?

There will be a time where you’ll experience that dreaded feeling of getting up to go, you can never avoid this. Where would you like to experience this?

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