SPA 001: Becoming a Star Player, a Serious Athlete, High Achiever with a Winning Mindset

Jim Rohn once said, “Success is something you attract and accumulate by the person you become”

I believe you are a Star Player, an athlete always aspiring to grow and contribute with the best of your abilities.

Most importantly, you need to believe YOU are on this Earth for this very reason, to be the Star Player of your team. I don’t mean being individualistic or self-centred and performing just to wow the audience to show your greatness. Being a Star Player of your team simply meant a serious athlete with a winning mindset.

In this episode you will discover:

  • what you will get out of the StarPlayer Academy show
  • Star Players like you have one thing in common to succeed
  • what it takes for you to be a successful athlete
  • how this show can contribute to your success
  • why you must listen to this show
  • the inspiration behind this show

Listen to find out exactly:

  • My Definition of a Star Player
  • Why You Are Here
  • My beliefs
  • My mission
  • Why I Am Here
  • Your Weekly Takeaway

In summary:

I believe an athlete’s journey is a daily process that’s meant to be fulfilling and fun, it’s not supposed to be painful or meant to be a punishment to our bodies.

I truly hope that this podcast can help you find that star player in you such that you can perform up to your true potential and enjoy your games as much as you can.

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