SPA 058: Be Positive – Not Easy But Possible

“You don’t win tournaments by playing well and thinking poorly.” – Lee Westwood

Even in sports, vocabulary is very important in dictating how your actions will turn out. Especially in competitive sports, what you say and how your actions will turn out will eventually dictate your outcome and affect you emotionally. I want you to take some time out today to do this mini exercise:

  1. Really find a quiet moment to think about your behaviour today. Say your training is done for the day.
  2. Take a minute or two and reflect on how you felt when your team or yourself made a mistake that led to a negative consequence.
  3. Then ask yourself how did you react to that. Could you have reacted differently?
  4. Could you have responded to make things better in the next action step rather than reacted?
  5. Always replace these thoughts with words or actions that display positivity, either being calm or some form of encouragement.
  6. With that imagination, notice how you feel now as you sit in silence. Compare this feeling with that you felt earlier today, does it help you behave better the next time around?
  7. Note that down and remember this when another challenge comes up. It’s extremely helpful!

In this Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Positive self-talk without other strategies in place is as good as plain hoping
  • Being impassive can sometimes be better than being emotional
  • One way to change your outlook towards a more positive behaviour
  • Change your vocabulary and change your outcome

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  • Bob Selden has worked with the NSW Academy of Sport in Australia on their level two coaching qualification courses and with many managers and leaders in business and commerce training them in developing a positive mental image. He’d be very happy to hear about your experiences with similar techniques. Article Source: Articles Factory

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