PT87: Be a Champion Everyday

Every successful person is a 10-year overnight success

Hi, good day to you guys, this is Marilyn Wo and this StarPlayer Academy. You are listening to PepTalk weekend, episode 87.

You know the saying goes: “Every successful person is a 10-year overnight success”

You are not a champion with a medal.

You are not a champion by standing on the podium.

You are not a champion by winning first in every game.

You are a champion no matter what, because you have put out your sweat, blood and tears on the field regardless of any result.

Dear StarPlayers, today you believe.

You are standing tall today because you already reaped your rewards by being on the field everyday, doing what you truly love doing.

Whatever outcome that happens later does not stop you from appearing on this field tomorrow, you will still be here.

This is what you live for, this is what you are born to do, this is your dream.

The instant you walk out of here and onto the field, you will be living in your dream.

We worked hard not just for today.
We worked hard to be true to ourselves, to learn, to experience, to beat that weakness in us.
What we do today has nothing to do with them.
We want the best of them so that we can bring the best in ourselves.

We have been hungry and thirsty for a long long time for this to happen.

You might say, “I’m tired”. No you are not!
You might say, “My knees hurt too much for me to go on.” No you are not done yet!
You might say, “I’m not sure if I can do it or not”. Then go out there and prove it to yourself that you can.

Because whatever you say is right.

You know what I say?
Go out there and create the best situation for yourself and the worst for them.

You go create and not wait for them to come at you.

If you are tired, create something to motivate yourself to move.
If your knees are hurting too much, imagine yourself moving without pain.
If you are not sure you can do it, create the best condition for yourself to be able to perform.

The simplicity lies in your hands, you have control over what you can control.
StarPlayers, own it!

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