133: Replicating Success Through the Power of Consistency

Success isn’t just faking your way up there and you will naturally feel good about yourself and everyone will be there to applaud your so called “wow-ness”. Yes, you can fake it till you make it, but that also comes from self-motivation that spurs you to move on. What is success to you?

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I know, I’ve been leaving you listeners high and dry for over a month now. If you’ve been pouring over the pep talk episodes in November and December 2015, hope they have been beneficial for you as an added boost to your training session.

Replicating Success Through the Power of Consistency

Replicating Success Through the Power of Consistency

I know, I’ve been leaving you listeners high and dry for over a month now. If you’ve been pouring over the pep talk episodes in November and December 2015, hope they have been beneficial for you as an added boost to your training session.

Recently I’ve gotten a comment from a listener that these pep talk sessions are so short that they just whizzed by and, well, she listens to them while she runs, and she runs like 8 to 10km a day, so easily, she finished all of them even before her run was complete in one day.

So I’ve since then decided to take all these pep talk episodes into another separate podcast which I will let you in again when it will be released. I am planning to make a full compilation so that you will have enough to sink yourself into it as you carry on with your training.

Bringing Back Sports Anecdotes and Stories

Meanwhile back here at StarPlayer Academy Podcast which you are listening to right now, one listener commented that the past episodes with stories and anecdotes were the most memorable and they are real situations many athletes could learn from. So I must say that I’m bringing back the previous schedule back on track.

I’ve also been thinking about interviews, but if you take a listen to many sports mental training podcast episodes, you can get really good valuable interviews, such as Brian Cain’s Peak Performance Podcast or Michael Gervais and Sports Coach Podcast. I will do up a blog post with all the sports podcasts that emphasise more on the mental aspect of training. If you want to know when that will be up, subscribe to my newsletter at starplayeracademy.com, you will get latest updates of improving yourself as an athlete once a week as well as a free gift upfront as well.

So I’ve decided to move along with sports stories, failures and successes all in, because I’ve received comments from an avid listener who prefers such content.

Revival of StarPlayer Academy Podcast Schedule

With that you will expect to be back on the schedule we have been doing before I dished out 2 months of Pep Talk on Motivation Special. That is, Mondays to Wednesdays will be episodes to supercharge your mindset. Thursdays and Fridays will be featured classes on anecdotes of athletes. Saturdays and Sundays will be motivational pep talk to keep up your dopamine levels while pushing yourselves at training.

Ideally I would like to give you one story everyday and that’s what I’ve been planning for the past month plus the book that I’ve been writing for 6 months now. I’ve been talking about it in the earlier episodes and there was a listener who was asking me when the book is coming out.

So that also explains my disappearance. But I really felt so bad about being missing the whole time, I owe this backlog of missing episodes to you. This year, even with so many things I really want to do, I am going to devote my time to make it up to you and giving you as much value as I can, really to serve you better. I’m determined to give you one whole month of free extra stories for you to listen to and be your trusted companion throughout 2016.

No excuses though, many of you have been waiting for more stories and lessons, so it’s high time new episodes will come streaming in as before and also the launch of my long-awaited book.

Cliche, Cheesy Motivational Quotes and Images

This show aside, if you’ve been following my Instagram and Facebook page, you must be receiving lots of my cheesy, cliche motivational quotes and images.

You know, however they are cliche, I want to tell you they are very real. As much as I’m posting them, I’m a lot like you too, thinking cliche quotes are just words of encouragement. Some are, that’s true, but unfortunately for those who don’t look at them, many of them tell many great stories that are real and there are just more to these stories. If you were never open to going deeper with these quotes, you are just missing out.

Today we are supposed to be talking about replicating success. Some of you might be thinking, it’s hard enough to be successful, let alone replicating it. Don’t you need to first succeed then think about replicating it?

Well, in fact, you have to consider replicating first before you even succeed. There is a sequence to it. I will explain later down the line, so listen carefully.

Can You Fake It Till You Make It?

Success isn’t just faking your way up there and you will naturally feel good about yourself and everyone will be there to applaud your so called “wow-ness”. Yes, you can fake it till you make it, but that also comes from self-motivation that spurs you to move on. What is success to you?

It’s cliche! Success is not what you see, it’s everything below the iceberg.
But you know what, I want that success for you. I want the tip of your iceberg to eventually emerge so that you can breathe life.

In order to do that, you need to first put on a fresh pair of lenses and in order to do that, you need to take action by even be willing to put it on. And before you even have that motivation to put it on, you must first either believe these lenses do help you see something in a different light, or you are somehow curious enough to try.

In short, you need to get started to deconstruct or should I say uncover how these success that what you see now come about, rather than what these successful people are doing now.

For example, you may see millions of people around the world taking part in a marathon and many of them can complete it in a short time. What many people do is they focus on what happens in front of their eyes this moment. They see that these people completed the marathon and that’s it, so they think, “oh I can do that too”. But they didn’t dig out the series of events before this moment to understand and find out what these runners have already done before getting to the finish line.

Show Up

I posted this quote on Instagram and Facebook once, it says “They’re not athletes because they have something to show, they’re athletes because they show up and perform”.

Again, it may sound cliche to you if you just read the words and forget about them. But it’s the everyday struggles, the weekly plans, the months and months of doing the same thing over and over again even if you don’t like to do them.

We did not see a runner struggle to wake up earlier in the morning to run 10km before work one year ago and doing this same exact thing everyday.

Then some of you might say, “but doesn’t seem like I needed to do this everyday” and I’m still quite good at running.

Let me tell you something, if you ever woke up earlier in the morning to find yourself thinking, “I have done it yesterday, I will do it tomorrow”, then you are in trouble. You need to pick up a fresh pair of lenses.

Here is where I come in. Subscribe to my podcast, download the episodes and feed your mind with the stories everyday. You will get loads content of why thinking “I have done it yesterday, I will do it tomorrow” mindset brings you nowhere even if you see it as you’ve succeeded now.

It’s strange but true, you don’t see success and failure right away. Most times, you are living in it and you don’t know.

The Secret to Success

The secret has always been not a secret at all.

Everyone is always looking for the easier way out, hence they are always looking for this secret to win something without effort or be a free-loader, much like getting the lottery ticket. You see friends winning all the time, so you try it too. But have you wondered how many times have they been buying lottery? Once, twice? Most often, they buy it every week for years! Of course the probability of them striking is higher than yours.

Surely it’s good to be lucky. But I don’t believe in opportunity presenting itself without me doing anything. Why?

Think about it, say today you’ve decided to go to the casino to try your luck, no pun intended. So this is the very first time, or rather say the third time in your entire life. You feel lucky today and want to win big money without having to work for years.

There you are, you take your bets with so much hope, belief, expectation and confidence that you will get out of the casino rich and throwing money everywhere.

At the end of the day, miraculously, you really did it! Somehow the stars aligned and you won a hundred thousand dollars. That is a lot of money. I’ve tried a few times and probably came home with eighty bucks, was already quite happy with myself.

What happens next, you got home smiling from ear to ear thinking how to spend this hundred thousand dollars, maybe a car, invest in stock market, get your favourite pair of shoes or just update your wardrobe. You can get anything you want within that amount. How cool is that?

Say you decided to invest in some stock your friend says gave him or her great returns, and you placed most of your winnings in, while the rest sits in your bank for you to feed yourself.

Now I have a question for you, do you know how to play your money right in the stock market, or are you just placing your bets again hoping you will double your earnings in that stock? What makes you so sure you will win big money again?

The Way to Replicate Success

Are you able to replicate your initial success?

You see, you threw your cards in the air and one of them just happened to land on gold. What happens when you’ve spent all your gold away and left with nothing. Do you have a way to recoup your gold back to make ends meet?

The thing we all need to understand is, it is “the way” to doing things that is most important, not the result that you want to achieve, because once you mastered the skill of how to do something, once you’ve mastered “the way” to do those things towards where you want to go, you can replicate your success.

So back to the casino example, if you’ve studied how gambling works, say you play poker day in day out with your family for a year or two, then you go to the casino with those skills already locked in your body, already knowing at the tip of your fingers what the options and techniques you need to use to play better, that’s when luck takes on the backstage. You may not win every time, but you know the steps to win.

Same when it comes to sports.

Consistency is Key

If you do not have a system to follow, if you don’t consistently do the things you know will get you there everyday, it doesn’t matter if in the end you won or not. Face with the same situation a year later, you may not win, not because you don’t have talent, but because you’ve not mastered the skill of replicating your success.

In fact those with talent are those who have the most luck, so sometimes you see them win without having to train harder. That’s the way it is, they are born with certain traits that maybe you don’t possess. But for them to win once, twice, could be easier than for you. The first thing you need to do is, to not compare, you are born with something else, leverage that, forget about what you don’t have and move on fast to work on how to win with calculated, measurable and replicable processes.

You really have to pick up that pair of lenses, follow my episodes, I will show you how.

Back to those cliche motivational quotes.

People avoid cliche because being on top can be lonely at times, because they are putting themselves out of the crowd in the box. When their friends don’t see the same as them, they think they are not normal, weird or wrong. They want to belong, they want to be a part of a so called “box”.

So when I send you, or rather post motivational quotes and posters, they are not things like, “You can do it”, or “Time and tide waits for no man”. They are of course true to a certain extent, not saying they don’t mean a thing, but they are very general. So most of the time, I leave a story or something to work down that iceberg. Most quotes are said by people who have already made it and followed by millions around the world. It’s up to us to uncover them and figure out how to apply them to our training and life.

I find that if you only see others succeed, and at the same time you think these motivational quotes are too cliche for you to need them, then you are only looking at things above the sea level. We all know there is more to see across the ocean floor. You know what, you are in itself cliche, because you haven’t gone deeper to figure out what eventually helped them break out of the water.

You just refuse to acknowledge that because people gave you the impression that this is bull crap.

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Actionable Tip of the Day

As we close this off for the day, I wanna leave this with something actionable for you to do this week.

We have been talking about replicating success through the power of consistency. You are going to find the action items that are going to enable you to succeed. They could include friends who motivate and encourage you, or working out at the gym to strengthen your legs. They could also be simply waking up 15 minutes earlier than usual everyday for this week.

You know what is success to you, you know where you want to go. Now what you can do is to do a list of twenty action steps you have to take to lead you to succeed. Once you have that, pick one. You only need to pick one because you cannot do everything all at once.

Pick an item on your list and do that same thing everyday for this week. Do a review at the end of this week, if it’s working well, carry on next week and so on.

That’s why I’m also giving you a free podcast episode everyday. Every episode may turn out to be 30mins, or just 15mins. The main purpose of this is the values that I have developed over the past year since I created this podcast, that is to make you become a better version of who you were, not because you were better than anyone else, but for you to become mindful of your true potential.

This will be life changing for you. It’s simple enough, do that one thing and listen to my podcast!

Big thanks to Dexter Britain for composing such wonderful inspiring music: The Time to Run

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