SPA 046: #1 Mindful Tip to Get Fear Out of the Way

“The fears we don’t face become our limits” – Robin Sharma

So what’s so bad about fear? It’s actually a good thing to be honest. In fact I call fear, a positive illusion. It’s not real to begin with, and when we get all caught up in fear and lose our minds, that is far too extreme. We can learn to pull it back, calm it down and move on.

Why is it a good thing.
When you are in fear of something, you get red alert and will want to do something to control the situation or anything to assure you things are working fine. If you have given yourself some time to be afraid, you can prepare the necessary steps to act when it really happens in time to come. Just a side note that worry and fear are different.

Once you master the skill to identify your fears and action plan put in place, fear becomes a good thing. Now you need fear to help you create a solution to the problem.

There’s a reason why seasoned players or experienced athletes have a better edge than younger players. But there’s also the flip side which I will explain later.

Nobody is born to know what courage or fear is the minute you are out of the womb. What you must be aware of is that you need to take action to experience something, be it a feeling or an outcome in order to learn from it to develop courage and fear which in turn will help you overcome the next experience or situation.

What are the exact mindful traits successful athletes have to have more courage than others?

Before we get into that, let’s talk more about what exactly are athletes afraid of.

Is it failure?

In my opinion, I doubt so. I would like to make you understand that it’s not failure that many athletes are afraid of. In fact, failure is just an open free-to-use excuse in the society, such that psychologically everyone uses it as a way to explain their problem. And when that happens, although they use it as an excuse outwardly, most of them start denying it inward and their actions are made to prevent failures rather than to focus on the game instead.

Then they start making mistakes that will cost the team or their game to lose, because the more they focus on what they don’t want to happen, the more it will happen.

As I have mentioned time and again, you will definitely fail, you will definitely make mistakes, you can never ever avoid these, they will happen many times on your journey towards becoming the best athlete you can be.

So what exactly do they fear of?

In my opinion through my experiences, most athletes fear the fight they need to take to get back up from failures.

Many people also think it’s perfectionism. In fact, to me the idea of having a perfect game comes from not wanting to go through the tough times of fighting back up. The thought of trailing a game and having to figure out something to gain points or goals just scares athletes, because it’s inevitable that we will wonder, “what if we are not able to fight back on time?” These athletes are afraid of the negative experiences throughout the process, not the outcome and not an imperfect game.

What do I mean by that?

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